September 26, 2010

The Seeds That Are Sown!

(Brandie's Hand just after a pumpkin
carving accident a year ago)

To God's unending Grace and Promises to
Seeds that are sown for whatever reasons even by accident, if sown in love and tenderness will produce wonderful fruit
(or Veggies)! 

The Pumpkins are ready to harvest!

Prayerfully Your Sister In Christ

PS: Added 09/27/10 Lots of prayers were said for healing for both girls. Handling this situation with Grace was all God's doing. No panicking, No anger, No blaming, just a hearts full of hope that both girls would be ok! I love to jump to conclusions, get mad easily, to become distraut  to blame others and harden my heart and hold grudges.
But I let God be in control of this situation.   Both girls are doing great and even laugh at the situtation.  Both have a big Heart for God's unending Love!

Prayerfully Sister Debbi

(A broader story of the Pumpkin Patch
From an early post back in JULY 2010)

For Months we couldn't figure out what we had growing in our garden. This week God reveled the seeds that were sown.

There is more story to this pumpkin patch
then meets the eye.

My daughter and a friend of hers was out back one October 2009 evening carving pumpkins. They had thrown some seeds in the garden unbeknown to us adults. While carving my daughters hand got stabbed with a knife from the top to bottom it went clear thru her hand. We rushed her to the ER and her poor friend was just over taken with worry and sorrow.

This was clearly an accident and I felt bad for both girls at this point. My daughter was a total drama queen that night, and yes she was hurt but some of the things she said was later so funny to all of us. Her hand has healed and she has a "cool" little scar to show off.
No lingering effects just a lot of inner circle jokes.

We had forgotten all about the "pumpkin incident" and didn't think about the pumpkin mess in the back yard till we started getting these plants this spring. After we tilled the garden and laid tarps down to keep the weeds from growing these plants appeared. For months we thought it was left over yellow summer squash from last year. This week we saw the true roots of the seeds that were sown. This pumpkin patch grew out of terrible situation that has turned into many laughs.

And now we get to laugh some more. I will be sharing more pumpkin pictures as the summer grows on.

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  1. This serves a beautiful analogy of how much of the pain we experience in life produces something so much greater in our lives. Although, we couldn't imagine how it could when we're in the midst of it. Btw, found your blog via Christian Women's Blogger network.