October 8, 2010

When God Takes Us To Places Where We Don't Want to Go.

When God takes us to places where we don't want to go we have three choices.
1) Do nothing and ignore God's Calling
2) Go Blindingly along with God's Calling
3) Pray and tell God your Honest feelings about where He is calling too.

Now there may be more choices I haven't seen yet but these are the three I commonly choose.

I don't suggest #1 although I have been known to take that path (a lot) . 
 This path is a rocky rough road with many pot holes and pitfalls.
It also takes us away from God for not doing what God asks! This is sin!

2) Is great! If you are planted strongly in relationship and you understand God's plan, blindly walking in Faith is a great adventure. I have done this too. His blessing and rewards to those who are obedient to
His calling are beyond mans expectations.
 This will make you grow in leaps and bounds with your spiritual walk.

But lets face it we are human, I am human and this isn't a path I take often enough.
So our next option:

3) Is OK when done with the right heart set. When we approach God in loving submissive heart telling
Him our fears on where He wants us to go and asking for His guidance is OK. 
Demanding explanation from God, and having a bitter heart isn't the answer. 
This is almost going back to #1 to me
It is a matter of where your heart is and how you handle Gods calling.   This is where I am today.

God has called me to do a bible study on an issue I thought that I had handled.  I don't.  After reading the first chapter of the book I finding it hard to continue on.  So I am Choosing #3 with the right Heart set.

I am asking God to guide me through this as I am struggling with where He is calling me.
I am asking that He provide a safe path for me.  That He leads me,  not my mind.

I am also struggling with my outside appearance these days! Behcet's disease causes sores and skin ulcerations and they have ended up on my face.  Now it just looks like I got a bad case of acne. But I also have sores elsewhere on my body, my hair is falling out and is very thin from the medications,
 and the steroids led me to gain some more unwanted weight.
 All this has to do with why I am struggling with this women's bible study.
 The two are going hand in hand and I so my heart,
and physical appearance are butting heads with my mind.  
I want to follow God's Will and His plan for my life. I just need more of Him in getting through this struggle.

It is OK not to go blindly following God's will with the correct heart set exspecially when we are being tested.
The more we lean on God, The more we learn to trust His Will. 
He is a loving God. He is slow to anger yet quick to comfort.
Talk to Him. Although He knows our struggles He wants to hear it from us personally.

God, Guide me through these struggles.
Help me get past the outside body issues.
 Help me see Your Will in these things.  
Help me grow past the outward stuff so that my inner beauty can shine through.
Show me how You want me to get through this bible study.
Guide me down this path so that I may grow to who you want me to be.   Amen

Prayerfully Your Sister In Christ !

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