September 8, 2010

Another Season Change

The kids are back in school.  Lil Larry (20yrs old) is going to be going to the community college for Firefighting/Emt basics training. He will continue to volunteer with the the fire department here.

(Brandie took these pictures a year ago!)

My daughter Brandie (17 soon to be 18) is a senior and is taking college courses already. When she graduates she wants to go to Kanasas to College.  Kanasas!!! Do you know how far that is from Oregon?  From ME??? UUUUUGHHH I can hardly stand the thought.

(I took these 09/06/10)

Then there is John Curtis (16yrs old) (my youngest) who is a sophmore this year. Already he is talking about becoming a firefighter/Emt or a Cop just like his older brother or his dad. 

(Photo taken By me 09/06/10)

(My Husband took this picture at the Ice Caves near Bend Oregon a week before the above shots)

OK Lord, I never said I wanted my babies to run into a burning building or carrying a loaded gun!  Although I am very proud of  my family and their willingness to serve. Couldn't the boys (my boys) serve in a less dangerous way?! And there are plently of colleges Christian colleges even here in Oregon close to home for my daughter to attend.  Yes this is very selfish on my part.

I have to remind myself that my kids are on loan to me only for the time God wants me to have them. They are His first and mine second. I have to let go and let God work in their lives now. Am I ready NOO!!!!!!!-----Will I ever be ready to totally let go probibly not. 
I got attached to my kids.

As parents we will all have to face the fact our kids our growing up.  I am glad I have the Lord to lean on.  I know He understands. I am glad my kids have the knowlege of the Lord and now they need to deside on how they are going to live their lives. 
 Are they going to serve God or themself?

  As a parent I have prayed since the day they were born that they will follow Gods word & except Jesus as their savior. I prayed that their heartaches are not as hurtful as mine were and that they have a healthier understanding of
Gods love then I did during my teen, young adult years.
That they would be on more solid ground in Christian lives at this stage. 
 I prayed for the future spouses and for the kids they may or may not have. 

God has been faithful and so far most of these prayers have been answered.  So i will continue to pray for their Christian walks to grow and flourish, I will continue to pray for their future hopefully Believing Spouses and my future grandkids!

I will Remind myself over and over again that the kids were only mine temporary that they are ultimately God's childern and I will learn to let go and let God finish His work in them.

Prayerfully Your Sister in Christ


when they were young dancers!

The Three Kids at Grandpa Browns (Crooked River Ranch Oregon)!

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