July 22, 2010

I have some practicing to do but some of my pictures turned out amazing I think.  I was at the Jefferson CO. Fair 07/21/10 and took the above pictures.

Below these were taken on 07/20/10

I got bored the other night I was home alone so I grabbed my camera and went for a drive and I caught this fellow in mid flight

As you can see my rose garden is blooming wonderfully. 

Since I started the drug Methotrexate 6 months ago I have slowed down a lot.  I have noticed that when you drive fast all the time you miss out on alot of things like the hawk above. 
 Slowing down is drawing me closer to God and His Plans.

God is amazing and the things he has created just amazes me why anyone would doubt His exisistance.

When I was a teenager I loved farm life.  Ok so I didn't have to muck out the barns or buck hay every other day.
I just had rabbits to water and feed. 

 I did get to walk the fields and find a spot to sit & write or read my bible searching for the "why my life" but mostly reading a good book. Getting lost in some sappy romance novel wishing my life was differnt.  

I wish I had a digi camera then because I would of taken a lot of
 meaningless pictures of nature that wouldn't mean anything to anyone but Gods handi work to me.

Some crazy random thing I thought about doing is I want to go out in some farmers field by an irrigation canal (no streams near by) and sit with my camera  listen to the rushing water and snap random pictures hoping to catch what ever creature happens to pop out of the wood work.

Ok so that isn't going to happen.  I would probibly get shot by the farmer or stumble accross bee or worse a snake!

So for now I will just go on random car rides with my radio cranked on KLOVE, with my camera and snap random pictures and enjoy what I can from the safety of a public road and my vehicle LOL!  
 Fear can keep us from alot of things. 

 But I am slowly getting past those fears just look at this pretty flower out on the high desert. 

 For me to be out randomly driving by myself is a very rare thing. I usually have my kids or hubby with me, and for me to leave my vehicle doesn't happen normally but this flower was beautiful and I wanted the picture!

I actually stopped the vehicle get out in 90 degree weather, walked across the gravel road by myself LOL (not too far from where hubby found bull snakes a few weeks back when we went for a drive with the dogs.) 

I Climbed up a small embankment (yes in a skirt and flats) and gingerly
walked up to the flower,  looking for snakes, just to snap this photo.  

Just this one lonely purple flower out in the middle of sage brush.  
I quickly snapped my picture and ran back to my vehicle
and turned the a/c full blast. 

 I don't do heat or snakes!  It is actually quite funny.  The things that make us afraid stop us from all sorts of beautiful things.

Fear isn't from God. It came out of the deception of the serpant in the garden of Edan.  Fear came from the fruit of knowlege.  If we just place our fears in Gods hands just think of the beauty He can show us. 

Father in Heaven, take our fears and open our eyes to Your Beauty.

Prayerfully Your Sister

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