September 22, 2010

Not letting this Behcet's Flair interupted my Life!

I am still battling headaches daily. My face is broken out and looks awful!  I have ulceration like canker sores through out my mouth. I fight a low grade fever, and gut issues daily. Yet I still am living my life and not taking this lying down.

I used to.  I would go to bed and not be seen for days outside my bedroom or bathroom.  I have been going to work, going to church and this weekend I went to Penelton Oregon to the 100th Round-Up And Happy Caynon Celebrations. 
 (It is a Rodeo, Street Fair, Pow-Wow all in one event!)

Hubby had to work there for one of his law enforcement jobs and I got permission a year ago to tag along this year.  Since my BFF lives 20 mins away in a near by town I wasn't going to let my flair ruin this weekend.  I have been looking forward to this for a long long time! 

Here are some pictures.

These pictures were take Sept 17 2010.
I didn't make it to the actual Rodeo.
 Just wandering Main Street Penelton on Friday night was noisey enough.

Saturday after a quiet morning at the Hotel we were staying at my BFF and I took a small road trip to Tri-Cities WA
to window shop at the Mall there.

  It turned into an adventure as I got turned around just getting to my BFF's house then she didn't exactly know how to get to where we were going.  My husbands Garmin Navigator I bought him for his birthday two years ago was stolen two or so months ago and I really used it alot.  I missed it on this adventure.  But a wrong turn here and there,  two round-abouts, and my lack of sense of direction we finially made it to the Mall. Amazing it was still light outside and only 5pm when we got to the Mall.

We left Tri-Cities WA. at 8:30pm and to my suprise getting back to the Hotel was a whole lot easier and we didn't get turned around on the way home.  I did a whole lot of slient prayers on the way home and trusted God to be our guides. The road signs on the road were plain and easy to understand.  Why didn't we just follow them on the way up?  Because we had a faster better route, My BFF had been there before so instead of trusting the Road Department we trusted our intuition instead.

If only our Christian walks were as easy as following road signs!  UMMMMM hello, the Bible is our map. Our Christian walk can be easy when we trust God and take His route!   His route is so much faster and
 less of a hassle then our own. 
Trust Him and He will guide you! 

Sunday after breakfest we headed home.  It was sunny but off in the distance  you could see a storm brewing.  

All along our trip home are Wind Farms.  Fields and Fields of windmill producing "green" energy.   We turned off the main road onto a dirt road to get a closer look!

These things are huge!! It takes one semi tuck and trailer per prop to haul these from the factory.
It takes at least four semi trucks for the base!  
We see them on the highway by our house all the time. 

Before knew it a storm was about to dump on us!

We got back in my car and onto the main road before the rain hit!  Good thing too becuase it was a gully washer type down pour of a rain.  


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