May 11, 2010

Pictures of the blanket I am making my daughter. 

These are three stitches into the second skien of yarn! 05/08/10

sunset views after the sheriff's banquet

These sunset photo's were taken 05/08/10  On C street in Madras Oregon Looking west.

My mothers day gift !

I also got a plastic firemen's hat a JeffCO fire Dist#1 Teeshirt, pen and bike safety coloring book from my oldest son!  Pictures of these coming soon.  

Thank you kids! I appreciate you love and gifts!  

Close your eyes and wish for the one thing

You cannot do without, and when you do,

Near your heart you'll find it, always there,

Treasure that is dear but not so rare,

Held in the mesh that all your dreams flow through.

In truth, no gift more happiness can bring,

And so this day I give my love to you.

author unkown

Prayfully Yours!

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