May 17, 2010

Brandie's Blanket Start of skein 4 I think I need more yarn!!!! LOL

Crocheting hasn't come easy for me.  I have tried for years and years to crochet something other than a triangle! I finally got this stitch down.  It amazes me how I can take four skeins of yarn and knot them together to make a particular blanket.  It isn't nearly done yet but when it is, it is going to  be something useful.

 Reminds me of what God is doing with us.  He is taking a raw piece of string and and intertwining it together and knitting or crocheting us into His useful tool.  We aren't nearly done yet he is still working on us as his project so to speak, making sure every stitch is perfect to his exact specs.  Jeremiah 18:1-6 talks about the Potter and the Clay. This is just a different way of looking at this story. 

I hope you take time out of your lives to look and see how God is molding and knitting you together for the better of His Kingdom.  Maybe He is trying to teach you something are you listening? I am now.

Prayerfully Your Sister In Christ

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