April 29, 2010

Things about me you may not know!

I want to be an open book to my readers so here is a list of things about me that you may or may not know about me.  All of this is true and was written in fun to show you that I do have a sense of humor and not serious all the time, although some things are extremely important and shouldn't be taken lightly. 

1) I am a wife of 22 years to my high school sweetheart and a mom to two teenage boys and One teenage girl.  I had four miscarriages and I will see those children in paradise.  

2) I have to work outside my home. I miss being a stay at home mom!

3) I am a dresses or skirts only person unless we are out on the boat.

4) I am a klutz, I trip over my own shadow.
(this is why I wear jeans on the boat -- not to modest if my dress or skirt goes flying over my head and believe me that would happen!)

5) I like animals! My pets are my other set of kids!

6) I love Babies! 

7) Teenagers Crack me up!

9) I love to learn more about Jesus and God's plans for my life.

10) I argue with God a lot!

11) I can make mountains out of mole hills

12) I like jumping to conclusions - It is my favorite form of exercise

13) I like taking pictures of nothing!

14) I don't like writing that much LOL (then why do I have a blog??? Ask God!)

15) I hate not being in control of things.

16) I am not a big fan of change.

17) I have a warped sense of humor

18) I like corny Jokes.

19) I like shiny sparkly things like diamonds and gem stones.
(I don't have the "not adorning yourself with gold and pearls or costly array" down yet!)

20) I am not a proverbs 31 woman nor do I want to be one, I like who I am now!

21) Stew and Soups should never fit in one pot and should always over flow onto the stove!

22) I hate my disease! But I control it now it doesn't control me!

23) Because of my disease I get tired and wear out easily so I don't have a whole lot of energy on the weekends.

24) I love reading Amish stories, and my Bible.

25) I taught my self how to crochet!  I haven't mastered it but I can make a scarf in a day or so!

26) I love fishing, camping and campfires.
(As long as the restrooms are close by and have running water, I have stomach issues and spend a lot of time in bathrooms I don't want to spend it in stinky outhouses I am soo glad I have indoor plumbing! )

27) I love to travel, and take pictures of nothing or scenaries.

28) I love a Chick Flick for a good cry and a Stupid funny no real reason for this movie, 
 movie to lift my spirits.

29) I love to play my flute even if others have to plug their ears.

30) I was physically, mentally, & Sexually Abused from the age of 11 to 16 and I have forgiven my abuser and want to help other over come their abuse issues.
 Through Jesus All things are possible!  

31) I believe that 1Corthians 11 is for today's women and I wear a head covering at home.
(I used to wear one all the time, as a reminder God is control, my husband is the head of the house, and I need to submit myself to both! Not perfected yet but I am getting there!)

32) I am not perfect and I have issues God is dealing with that I may or may not agree with but in time I will see things His way.

34) I haven't cut any length off my hear in over 7 years but I do have bangs.

35) I am a KJV person who uses other versions as study guides and to make God's word easier to understand when I write.

36) I love to text people exspecially those who are either sitting next to me or in the same room.

37) I love a good practical joke (as long as it isn't on me!)

38)  I talk in my sleep and wake myself up a lot!

39) I like to talk to my best friend (long distance) for hours and hours about nothing and everything.

40) And lastly Hubby said I had to write something about him so here it is !  JK

Seriously ----  I like it when my husband baits my fishing hook for me. He does it because he knows if bait my own hook it would either be in my flesh or someone else's near me, and nobody would get to fish but spend the day in the ER getting the hook removed!  

 There is a lot more I could write but my fingers are stiff and sore so it is time to quit.  I hope you had a laugh or two getting to know me.

Prayerfully Yours,


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