January 6, 2011

I don't like MANS .......

Ok I know your thinking ummmmm I think she ment to type MEN.  Nope I ment mans just follow along.

I don't like MANS one size fits all interperation of the bible,
MANS biblical law, and MANS thinking about spiritual issues.

I am sorry but MANS thinking is just a little off here including my very own.

Didn't God create everyone of us to be a differnt part of the body of Christ to work together
so we can be as one for HIS kingdom?  

Doesn't that mean that what Christ has designed me to be isn't what HE designed you to be. Which means your walk with HIM isn't the walk I have with HIM!  There goes the one size fits all theroy.

Which blows out of the water the  just do these 3 steps to  acheive a perfect Christian life book or the 12 step plan to rid yourself of a deep rooted issue or sin won't fit everyone's need.  These are great tools
 but I might not need the hammer tool when all I really need a flat head screwdriver tool
to get my job done according to GOD's plan for my life!

The Bible itself teach us be seperate of this world but live to live in this world.  Where does it say that we have act, walk, talk, dress, and live all the same way?
Some of Mans interperations say we have to live by this and that.

  Yes there are some scriptural guidelines we should follow like the 10 commandments and
 for me God has asked me to wear the modest clothing (dress skirts two layers on top showing very little skin, and long hair, modest natural looking makeup or no makeup at all.
 But this for me, this is for my walk with JESUS.

   There are plently of other modest womans clothing like pant suits, and shirts that don't show off the female figure but  God is showing me how to obiedient to HIS path right now for my life.
  I don't care that you wear pants, that you cut your hair, that you wear wear make up and trendy clothes thats your path, your journey, your witness tools.

 What happend to love, joy peace and compassion?
  Treat other the way you want to be treated.
 Love the Lord Thy God as you love yourself.

What happend to the foundation of our Christain walks.
 Excepting Jesus as our savior because he died on the cross for everyone! 
Not just those who follow a mans church rules to a "T" or those who did the steps
in a book to become the perfect little Christian.  We don't all need to walk, talk, act, or dress the same to be a Christian we do need to have the right HEART to be a Christian.  

We have to be willing to see that my journey isn't your journey nor is my path a straight path.
 Nor is that journey written in stone.  God tells us differnt things and gives us differnt tools to
help us get HIS job done. We may have to take that tool out of the tool box and then putting
 it away and then brining it out again to get GODs Job done correctly.  

We have to change our hearts to hear what GOD wants of us.

 All we really have to do is to let go and let GOD guide their life.  Let God tell you what HE wants for your life.  DO we really need another book to tell us how to live, act, dress, eat, pray? 
The Bible has all that so why does MAN need another book to explain it all?   The Bible explaines it all. We just need to read it and ask GOD for HIS guidience!  NOT mans.

So why this post well I struggle with how come I have to dress act and be this way when they don't? Why does this Church want the members this way and that Church members that way . Why are people of another church against the path Jesus is taking me and not excepting me for who I am in Christ. Why is my walk so important to them that they have to point out that I am not following every word in the BIBLE.
Can MAN really be the perfect Christian and are they that perfect?

Doesn't Jesus see past these things and bring us to the real Christian belief? Why can't I say to these nay sayers that I am just a human following God instructions for my Christian Journey and I haven't been taken down that path yet or that my path is swinging around because I didn't get what wanted me to get the first time or I forgot that lesson and need a reminder of something in the past.
  Why can't I let things go and just LET GOD?  
Why does it bother me so much what Man thinks.  

Just thoughts to ponder.



  1. Hey, I just came across your blog by doing a bit of blog-surfing, and I'm glad I did! I've added myself as your newest follower, and I hope you'll check out my Christian devotional site as well: wwwnocondemnation81.blogspot.com

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    In Christ,

  2. Excellent points! You had me nodding in agreement and appreciation all the way through. Thanks for sharing.