January 24, 2011

Finding God in Everything, Everyday.....

Again today on my way to work I see the sun rising over the eastern hills by my house.  The sun is casting a glowing pink, organish color agains the blue gray sky. Slowly warming up the cold brisk air that greeted me this moning as I stepped out our back door on my way to my car to get my day started.

I noticed that we had a smelly back and white vistor lurking around last night.  The oder of a skunk isn't hard to forget  exspecially if you had to give the poodle a tomato bath because he thought it was a kitty to chase. 

It got me thinking about God first thing this morning. 
Why would God create an animal that was cute to look at but smells so bad? 
Then I thank God for the chuckle  of the memory of discovering our french poodle Dusty had met a skunk sometime during the night during a gold panning/dredging expitdition somewhere near Canyonville Oregon.  What wasn't so funny was the ride home in the back of the pick up with the canopy jammed pack with camping and  the gold prospecting gear in 110 degree weather with a dog that smelled like skunk!!!!

So on my way to work this morining my nose and my eyes were opened to God's handy work. Then my other senses kicked the birds singing in the near by trees. The suttle ruslting of the aging dead leaves on the ground as a gentle swish of a breese waifs by. The hooting owls that are calling each other from differnt parts of our small rual town.  The thunderous rumbling of the ground from the train engine which
roaring down the track five or six blocks away. 
The steady click click click of the tran cars is a steady rythamatic beat. 

"Wow it is good to be awake!" 

 OK if you know me you know I am not a morning person!  
 Mornings exspecially Monday mornings should be banned as far as I am concerned.
 It should be a sin that the alarm clock go off before 10am on a week day and 12pm and weekends.
But for some reason this morning was different. I was a aware of everything
the sounds, smells, sights and vibrations that greeted me this morning just made my heart sing.

  I wish I had my camera this morning to take a picture of the sunrise. 
 Remember I hate mornings and I see this sight almost everyday during the winter LOL
My camera in the morning ya right I lucky to remember my work keys.
 I have to force myself to remember to take my morning meds. 

But isn't God great.  He took this non morning person this morning and gave her beauty and music.

What did God show you today? 

God showed me there is life before 10am on a Monday morning. 
That He is present even when I don't want to be!
Have a great and Peaceful week! 


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